Properly Manage Your Forestland


Professional Forest Harvesting Services

Maintaining and managing a forestland can be a fulfilling yet challenging task. As a landowner, you can make the most out of your rich land by getting involved in forest harvesting. Pick a licensed forester to address your forestry needs. For professional forest harvesting and timber services, you can count on the forestry experts of Busy Beaver Contracting LLC in Colton, OR.

Reliable Forestry Assistance

There are more than a hundred thousand forest landowners listed in the state of Oregon. If you are one of them and you need assistance in taking care of your forest or you are considering making a profit out of logging, we are here to help. From clearing your land to hauling logs and transporting them to a sawmill, our loggers are up to the job.

Consult Our Forestry Experts Today

Complete a timber harvest in a lawful and environmental way. Consult a forestry expert before planning a harvest in your forestland. To learn more about our forestry and harvesting services, you may call us at (503) 824-5647. We are more than happy to give you further information about managing your forestlands properly.
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